“And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”
Ephesians 6:18

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  • Prayer Request for Charmaine Martin’s mom Loraine Maurer

    Oct 07, 2020 - one year ago

    My mother Loraine Maurer is in assistant living at the Protestant Home she is doing good and asking for prayers for her and all the other residents there. I was informed today that 8 residents and 2 works have tested positive for the cov19 Please continue to lift them up in your prayers thank you all

  • Prayer Request for Deannie’s son, Lee

    Oct 05, 2020 - one year ago

    Update on Lee

    Lee’s being told he’s not breathing deep enough of which that would keep him from developing pneumonia. Of course that’s because it hurts so badly. He also has to come off the drainage tube from his lung where they opened it to repair the collapsed lung. So prayers still needed for these specific things. Thx so much, Deannie

  • Prayer Request for Krista Binkley

    Oct 05, 2020 - one year ago

    Krista Binkley is scheduled to have surgery on October 13., at Deaconess Gateway. They will be removing four toes on her left foot. Please pray for the Lord’s peace to be upon her and that God will guide the doctor’s hands. May she have a quick, complete recovery. Thanks!

  • Prayer Request for Deannie's son, Lee

    Oct 03, 2020 - one year ago

    Lee was trimming a tree this morning when a large branch came loose and knocked him out of the tree, pinning him to the ground. He was taken to St. Vincent Trauma Unit. Doctors found he had a collapsed lung, which they had to cut open to allow him to breathe, and several broken ribs on his left side. Will be in the hospital for 3-4 days, on pain medication, but praise God, it could have been worse, he didn't break his back. Please pray for strength & that the ribs will be healed. Thanks!

  • Praise Report for Karen Watson

    Oct 03, 2020 - one year ago

    I got released from hospital this evening . Thank you for all the prayers , texts messages, and phone calls. Appreciate my church family . Karen Watson

  • Praise Report for Khy’lee

    Oct 03, 2020 - one year ago

    Khy’lee has been found! Praise God! Thanks for the prayers. Jane

  • Prayer Request for Khy’lee

    Oct 02, 2020 - one year ago

    Seems like I'm always asking for prayer & I apologize. I haven't heard from Khy'lee & I think her phone might be dead. She is homeless & living in an abandoned house somewhere downtown. I want to get her in a facility where she can get help for her mental & emotional issues. Also Mick & I are starting the process to adopt Ryn & Zainah. We could really use some prayers
    Jane Greubel

  • Praise Report for Chad Lanham

    Oct 02, 2020 - one year ago

    Chad got a promotion at work! Thank you all for praying!

  • Prayer Request for Derotha Miller & her daughter Carla

    Oct 02, 2020 - one year ago

    This afternoon Derotha & her daughter were walking. Carla was holding onto Derotha and Carla fell, pulling Derotha down. Derotha hit her head and has a cast on her left arm. Carla hurt her hip. Please pray for comfort and that the pain will ease for both of them. Give them peace and quick healing. Thanks!

  • Prayer Request for Anne

    Oct 01, 2020 - one year ago

    Please pray for Anne who works at Disney in Florida. They are scheduled to lay off 23,000 people tomorrow. She has worked there for years and not sure if her job will be affected not. Asking for God’s favor. Thanks!

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