Enthusiasm vs Commitment

Mike Battaglia Life Devotions

Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we will reap, if we faint not.Gal 6:9 KJV

I can remember taking family vacations when our children were at home.  Most of the time we would drive to our destination.  I can remember the excitement of the children.  “Vacation” everyone would yell with much enthusiasm.  There was excitement and expectation of what was to come.  However, I can remember, on more than one occasion, hearing that familiar phrase from the back seat “Are we there yet?” and the subsequent groans of frustration and exasperation. What happened to the excitement and enthusiasm that was found at the beginning of the journey?  Well, the journey took longer than expected and the children began to grow restless and uncomfortable. Fortunately, the driver (in most cases me) was committed to get to the destination.

There are times when we begin a journey in God and at first we are full of enthusiasm.  Enthusiasm is a feeling of excitement and this is a good thing.  We should be excited about the things of God.  But it seems that enthusiasm can fade along the way to our expected destination (what we are believing for to come to pass).  When this happens we can, as Paul states in Gal 6:9, become weary.  If you do not combat weariness it can lead to a place of giving up on the goal you have set and giving in to discouragement.

Paul said in Philippians 3:14, I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.  In the previous verse (13) Paul says states the he “reaches for those things which are ahead”.  Reach and Press.  When you reach for something your whole body commits in that direction.  Your eyes focus on it, your mind concentrates on it, your body adjusts its balance and posture as your arm extends and your hand grasps it.  Now that’s commitment.  Think about it.

I was standing in the surf on a beach one time and dropped my wallet on the sand as a wave was coming in.  As the water began to wash my wallet into the sea, all of me went after it!  I reached for it (committed) and was determined to capture it.  I pursued it (pressed) towards it with everything I had.  Why?  Because it was valuable to me.

When enthusiasm fades commitment will carry you through.


Paul says that: “in due season we will reap” Be encouraged today! God’s Word is true.  He never fails. Determine in your heart today…NOW!  Determine now that you are committed to seeing your journey through to the end and that nothing will hinder you from seeing what God has promised.  Are you believing for a healing? For the salivation or deliverance of a loved one, for your deliverance, for a personal revival, for a city wide revival, whatever it is commit to seeing through.  The Syrophenician women who came to Jesus in Mark 7:25-29 was determined (committed) to get what she needed from Jesus.  She was not deterred nor discouraged but stood in faith and asked the Master to set her daughter free.  Read the passage and be encouraged today.

Understand this: What begins or is birthed in the Spirit, is sustained in the Spirit and will come to pass in the Spirit.  What sparked faith to rise in you in the beginning is the same thing that will sustain you through the wait and is the same thing that will cause the answer to manifest in your life. Do not give up, do not throw in the towel on what you are believing for.  Be refreshed today knowing that you serve a faithful God.  Commit to seeing it through.  One preacher said it this way:  There is always a payday with God.  It might not be on Friday but there is always a payday!  Your answer is on the way!

Pray This…

Father, let us not be weary in well doing. Let us be encouraged today. Strengthen us in this journey and in our commitment to see things through to the end.IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!

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