Seek Him First

Brian Splittorff Life Devotions

“But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” Mat 6:33 NAS

The Bible says to seek first God’s Kingdom and His righteousness. Recently, I’ve endeavored to begin my days with asking God to give me wisdom, discernment, and to grant me with one divine appointment every day. What I mean by divine appointment is that God would set something up for His will to be done in someone’s life and He would use me to do it. It means that I’m listening for the Fathers direction, but I’m also actively watching and asking. By doing this, I believe I’m seeking God and His Kingdom first. What does He want to do? When does He want to do it?

I believe God has work for us to do every day and at all times. All that we have to do is listen for His voice, receive our instructions, and obey His command. This is true revival. It begins with us setting aside our own desires and saying, “Jesus, You’re first. What do You want to do?” And guess what comes with knowing you are in the Father’s will? Joy! We have joy knowing that we are in 100% agreement with the will of God. Jesus said, “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32). 1 John says that those who say they love God, show it by obeying His commands. I want people to know I love God. I don’t want to be an undercover Christian. I want God to know I love God.

We operate in a world that doesn’t want us to even acknowledge God. The devil would rather us never get saved.  If we do get saved, then the devil doesn’t want us to chase God’s presence. He’d rather us rest in the fact that we have received our “get out of hell” card, than spread the Gospel to those who do not know Christ. To Satan, The Gospel is a disease. If he can’t eradicate it, then he’ll try to contain the spread. I want to be contagious; I want to infect everyone I know with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

“Normal is the supernatural laid out in the book of Acts”


It’s time the church become “normal” again. Normal is the supernatural laid out in the book of Acts. Thousands should be added to the church daily. People should be healed and set free daily. Our mission in life should not be any more than the Great Commission. Our goals should not be any more than His goals. All of this comes back to having a heart to seek God every day. Pray every day. Study His Word every day. Ask God for that divine appointment every day. Then Revival fire will follow, so make it your mission to seek Him first!

Pray This…

Lord, give me ears to hear Your voice. Give me courage to push past my fears to obey what You say. Give me a heart like Yours to love Your children. May I be found doing my Father’s work because I know Lord that my ending could be closer than my beginning. I don’t want to be an undercover Christian. I have nothing to hide! I love You and I want the world to know. Make me contagious with Your love in Jesus Name!IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!

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