Who Is This?

Pastor Jay Nicoson Life Devotions

When He had entered Jerusalem, all the city was stirred, saying, “Who is this?”
Mat 21:10 NASB

Every year the Roman emperor would come to Jerusalem for Passover.  His entry would be with great display of his power, as there would be a display of foot soldiers and a show of arms.  He would come riding in with great pomp and circumstance.  In that day and age, it was customary for a King to ride in on various types of animals and what he would ride in on would communicate why he was coming or the purpose of his visit. For instance, a King riding a white Horse with a full armament of guards would be a King coming in after a victorious battle. However, in times of peace, a King would ride in on a donkey while beign unarmed to declare that he was coming in peace and that his kingdom was at peace.

We pick up the story in Mathew 21 where we have the account of  triumphal entry of Jesus who is traveling from the settlement of Bethphage (pronounced bayth-fah-shjay’) to Jerusalem.  The disciples were instructed to find a donkey for him and Jesus came riding this lowly steed with unarmed disciples in the vestige of a King declaring peace.  Don’t get the narrative wrong, He was certainly declaring his Kingly status, though he never would actually say the words in his humility. He was making the statement “I am messiah” and “I am the savior God has sent.” All in his actions but not in his words.  He did not come to judge, but came to declare peace and the Kingdom of God.

Jesus was accepted by the people.  John 12 records how the people came out in numbers as a great crowds came to the festival each year; they heard Jesus was coming riding into Jerusalem the roads were lined with all of these people.  They took out their coats and cut palm branches and laid them out shouting, “Hosanna, Hosanna in the highest, blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord!”  This was the peoples declaration and agreement that he was who he said he was.

When he got to Jerusalem there were many that asked the question that is written in verse 10 of Mathew 21, “WHO IS THIS?”  Those who did not know his fame and saw all the people doing these things to this man they did not know caused them to ask “Who is this?” Who is this that is riding in with the same vestige and the same honor from the people as a king? In verse 10 it says the city was stirred saying “Who is this?” The scripture points out in verse 11 the crowds were were saying, “This is the prophet Jesus, from Nazareth in Galilee.”  So this was not one persons opinion, but rather the city asked and crowds proclaimed.  The consensus was not, “He is Messiah, the one who came to save the world” but rather he is the “prophet Jesus from Nazareth.”  What they were saying was, he is a prophet from Galilee that we want to make king.   It would be like saying “He is a senator from Indiana that we want to run for president.”

Jesus had not come to run for office, he came (Luke 19:10) to seek and save that which is lost.   He did not come to overthrown the oppressive government, but rather to proclaim a new one, the kingdom of God on earth!  Jesus was “elected” to take Barabbas’ place a few days later because the people who laid down their coats, cut palm branches and shouted his praises, were looking to elect to themselves liberty from an oppressive government by a political candidate. In turn, hoping he would legislate their freedom and give them what they wanted.  Jesus did not do that and they had no use for him at that point.  He must not have been who they were looking for.  However, He was the one whom God had sent!

I want to ask you, have you fallen into trap fo seeking a “political Jesus” rather that Jesus the Savior and Lord?  Have you looked to Jesus for what he can do for you and that your shout, singing, worship, serving, and giving is all revealed as a desire for Jesus to make your life better? As well as, to legislate your liberty rather than coming to him to lay down your life?  Taking up our cross was not a suggestion it was a command!  We are to live a life that is “crucified with Christ” and a life laid down for his Kingdom to serve him.  He became a servant to all so that we could be saved and now He is King to all so we can serve Him, His Kingdom, and the world the way he did.

The cross, was the price He paid;

the grave, where He was laid;

Three days later He rose, The promise made;

Sent His Kingdom in us, new life he bade.

The earth, His love is to invade;

Men’s hearts made free, all those who stray

Jesus is calling, his life he gave; our life we lay. – PJN

Today, let us make a commitment to be a church-attending ,hosanna-shouting, serving, and giving worshipper who understands that we do not do these things to gain anything, but to declare Him as King and Lord over our lives.  He came to seek and to save us, to impart His spirit and love to each one of us and to call us to lay down our lives in serving Him.  Let’s agree with the word of God that we are to serve His cause, not ask Him to serve ours!  When the question is asked,  “Who is This?” You can say, “He is Jesus, Savior and Lord of my life!”

Pray This…

Lord Jesus, Today, I make the commitment to be a church-attending, hosanna-shouting, serving and giving worshipper of Jesus! I declare that my life will speak to His kingship, His Lordship and that He is my all-in-all! I ask you to give me the wisdom to no longer seek a political Jesus but to seek the risen Savior that calls me to lay my life down for Him, because he laid His life down for mine. Jesus thank you for the price you paid, I will live for you!IN JESUS NAME! AMEN!

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